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Стратегическое развитие ресурсного потенциала
Strategic Development of Resource Potential


Within the framework of transition to a postindustrial economy and development of a tertiary sector, service sphere performs as a consumer of resources of all branches of economy, forms an aggregate resource potential. Resources of other branches of economy pass through a service sphere to a certain extent and become “service comprising”. In this connection an issue of current importance is a problem of elaboration of new methodological approaches to service sphere sectors resource potential development.

Within the framework of service sphere sectors resource potential development opportunities estimation, it should be taken into account that prevalent methodological theories suggest to consider the presence of demand for services being formed in the external environment of a service organization as a principle factor of service sphere strategic development.

Under such approach, service organizations functioning in the same sector possess equal conditions of “entrance” in development models and have to accept practically the same strategies, obtaining identical results. Competitive advantages diversification is being formed to a greater extent in a short-term period at the expense of customers servicing level increase and to a lesser extent at the expense of a quality of a service, because a reductive level of a customer's requirement (“I want to buy”) is put in a service. It is confirmed by feebly marked segmentation of Russian consumer service market.

Under such position, service sphere sectors prefer to work on accretion of demand of a certain group of customers without taking into consideration resource opportunities of a significant group of “resource consumers”, which have resource opportunities restrictions according to the criterion of service utility function.

Decrease of requirements to the quality of service leads to a violation of reproduction proportions and to a decline of sales volumes and incomes in the service sphere. As a result, restrictions in demand do not allow to form service sphere sectors dynamic abilities (opportunities) as a cumulative strategic potential of organizational resources. In the absence of organizational resources potential service organizations do not form new schemes of resource use according to the dynamics of service market resource opportunities. These processes are connected with limitation of competitive strategies application opportunities, resource transformation into competitive advantages.

In conditions of global market development, active penetration of foreign states into Russian service market, it becomes necessary to consider new variants of market potential structure forming at the expense of competitive advantages detection in mechanisms of resource distribution at an open market with application of market segmentation according to resource opportunities of customers.

When realizing this approach, it should be taken into account that accessibility of a service organization to competitive resources of the external environment is determined not by the external environment, but by the level of internal resource potential development.

Analysis of factors limiting the opportunities of service sphere sectors resource potential internal development shows that the influence of demand affects to a greater extent the activity of organizations operating on “deferred” demand of customers (a service of after-market-demand).

The methodology of resource potential strategic development oriented on demand does not allow these sectors of service sphere to choose strategic directions of activity, since it does not reflect the primary resource (the correlation of customers' requirements with their resource opportunities). Taking into consideration the prevalent economic situation, it should be pointed out that advisable is a transition of service sphere sectors to a resource model of business strategic development (“the model of resource opportunities”), in which the primary factors are resource opportunities of a customer. In this case the chain “requirement – opportunity – necessity” is being formed (maximization of service utility function with given resource limitation of a customer).

Strategic planning of service sphere sectors resource potential should be oriented on active and potential opportunities and resources of customers, i. e. on ensuring of a balance of resources and opportunities. It should result in the balance of economical and social opportunities and resources of customers (material, personal, based on values, humanitarian) and resource potential of service sphere sectors.

When forming of the strategic planning model, considered should be an ability of service sphere sectors to a development of resource potential with effective use and reproduction of resources. The model should take into consideration the stages of the development of the sectors and existent resource positions. The preservation of resource provision sustainability potential is advisable for sectors of stable development. The realization of the model in the sectors of stable development requires application of mechanisms of internal resource opportunities use. Sectors possessing a growth potential should concentrate their efforts of the development of resource potential. In sectors with high potential of resource use, required is resource ranking according to the priority of strategic significance with detection of sectoral development “growth centres”. In sectors with low potential of resource development, including depressive sectors, required is resource redistribution depending on a level of resource opportunities.

When estimating the certain sector resource priority level, it is necessary to consider the correlation of the sector resource potential level, the sectoral market and the region where the sector is located. In the absence of correspondence between the life cycle stage, the level of development of resource potential of a region and of service sphere sectors, the necessary condition is a choice of alternative strategic decisions, particularly use of administrative nontechnological innovations (franchising, outsourcing, interaction marketing).

For development of service sphere sectors resource potential it is necessary to detect and enhance the internal competitive advantages of a sector (key competencies). The use of competencies should determine a resource policy of a sector, form mechanisms of regional sectors behaviour in institutional environment, which could be determined as an exogenous harmonization of resources in accordance with the chosen strategy – a balanced development of economical and social resources. The selection of key competencies for Russian sectoral markets of service sphere should be implemented with taking into account the key values of a service for consumers and social values as a factor of success for service sphere sectors in socio-economical environment.

For detection of the key competencies it is necessary to revise the methodology of service sphere sectors resource development and pass to a strategy of uninterrupted development with obtaining of the synergy effect from joint operation of sectors, including on the base of intersectoral co-operation methodology formation. The necessity of this transition is determined by the development of processes of international integration and globalization, international specialization of labour, the creation of global mechanism of use value in service sphere sectors formation.

The formation of service sphere sectors strategic development model requires the participation of state structures, business structures (including small business) and non-government organizations (particularly ecological associations) in resource conception elaboration. The strategy of resource potential development should be considered on the federal level – formation of programmes and conceptions of development; on the regional level – estimation of sectoral resource opportunities and resource potential application directions; on the municipal level – realization of service sphere sectors resource provision schemes. Mechanisms of resource development should ensure the consistency of strategic processes: strategy elaboration mechanisms, development directions ensuring mechanisms, mechanisms of realization and perfection of service sphere sectors resource potential development models.

Полный текст: Evdokimova L., Evdokimov K. Strategic Development of Service Sphere Sectors Resource Potential: Меthodological Approaches // European Science and Technology: 4th International scientific conference. - Munich, Germany. - 2013. - Pp. 539 - 540